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U.S. Gear Tools gear hones are offered in a wide variety of compositions to improve surface finish and remove nicks and burrs on hardened gears. Our hone tools are custom designed and manufactured to meet your production and application requirements.

For profile correction applications, please contact our tool design engineers. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements. 

Manufacturing Capacities

  • Diameter – 9.5”
  • Width – 1.5”
  • Helix Angle – up to 40 degrees

Hardness and Grades

Our gear hones are available in various hardness and grade ranges.  By blending specially developed formulas containing epoxy or polyurethane with various selections of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, U.S. Gear Tools can supply a gear hone that will meet the specific requirements for your application. Tungsten carbide plated hones can be quoted for extremely difficult deburring applications.

Engineering Services

Our engineering team can assist you with any process or honing application question that might aid you in your manufacturing or design process.

Delivery Services

U.S. Gear Tools maintains a large inventory of hone patterns to respond to your immediate honing needs.
Gear Hone, Gear Finishing Tools, Best Gear Hones