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Benefits of Roll Forming Splines

  • Cost per piece savings
  • Capital Equipment Savings
  • Less Floor Space Required
  • No Generating Scallops from Hob
  • Good Surface Finish - 3 to 15 R.M.S.
  • Increased Strength in Part
  • Forms Close to Shoulder
  • Chipless Process
  • Repeatable Process
  • Highly Accurate Process

The Roto-Flo Process

The Roto-Flo forming area consists of an extremely rigid "C"-shaped machine frame with two rack-type forming tools mounted on upper and lower hydraulically actuated slides. The forming tools are designed so that the tooth height increases successively toward the "finish" end of the rack. Parts rotate between locating centers as the upper and lower racks are rapidly traversed in opposite directions, progressively displacing metal on the periphery of the part/shaft. To ensure close tolerance control and smooth surface finish, a number of forming teeth at the finish end of the tools are full height to allow several revolutions of the part at full-depth contact.

Spline Design Considerations

  • Pressure Angle
  • Material Specifications
  • Material Hardness
  • Diametral Pitch
  • Blank Preparation

If you would like to find out more about spline design considerations or any other questions you may have please contact us at (828) 686-5486.